Future proofing your retirement, a little change OR sacrifice today can mean a big difference in the future.


Superannuation is not a dirty word; it is not even a scary word.

Superannuation is simply a very tax-friendly environment for you to invest in to accumulate money for your retirement.

It offers a low tax rate on earnings as well as a number of tax effective contribution options. The only proviso on accessing these tax benefits is being restricted from accessing the money held in your super until you retire (note that you may still be able to get at some or all of the money in an emergency).

Generally, the maximum tax rate that applies to superannuation whilst you are accumulating for your retirement is 15%. When you do retire and start drawing a regular income the tax rate can drop to 0%.

We can help you to work out how best to incorporate superannuation into your retirement planning, to take advantage of the tax breaks that are available and even use it to help protect your family by blending it into your insurance planning.

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